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50 Years of Thai Frozen Foods Association: Origin and Development


????????? Thai Frozen Foods Association: TFFA, previously known as Thai Marine Products Association, was established on 5 June 1968 with 12 founding member companies and Mr. Chalerm Pattamapong of Yannawa Cold Storage Co., Ltd. as its first president. The initial intention was to create confidence for importers of trade partner countries and later collaborations among its members on information, update, raw materials management, quality manufacturing process, worker welfares and product standards. The effort eventually led to trust among the importers enabling an increment of annual export volume. The first decade, 1968 – 1977, was therefore the time in which a solid foundation was laid to launch Thai frozen foods industry into the world market.

The second decade, 1978 – 1987, saw the government’s recognition on importance of marine product export as another source of foreign incomes. In that respect, the Association was supported while marine product exporters were required to be members. Consequently, in 1980, the export value increased to 6 -7 billion baht. In this decade, technology had also been implemented while each manufacturing step emphasized and strict to ensure excellent and consistent product quality for end customers. The name was also changed into Thai Fishery and Frozen Products Association responsive to the range of exporting products by its members.

??????????? The third decade, 1988 – 1987, was considered a period of greatest expansion and growth of frozen foods industry with increased market expansion in Europe in addition to Japan and America. At the meantime, there were increasingly fierce competitions along with trade regulations focusing on critical point manufacturing and product qualities to ensure consumers’ safety. Subsequently, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point: HACCP was implemented in the manufacturing process along with value-added for products; improvement of product forms; and joint cooperation and empowerment as member of North America Shrimp Exporter Group: NASEG to achieve bargaining power for stability of ocean freight and adequate containers availability for US and Canada destinations. It was in this decade that the Association name was changed to Thai Frozen Foods Association: TFFA, which remains up to the present. At the end of this decade, Thailand faced with economic crisis due to devaluation of the Baht, yet it created opportunity for the export of Thai frozen foods yielding increased revenues for the country.

??????????? In the fourth decade, 1988 – 1997, TFFA had helped its members in the Anti-Dumping (AD) case as they were major exporters of shrimps to America as well as solved the shortage of shrimp breeder problem. At the meantime, the frozen food industry was still the major foreign revenue earner for Thailand. In that respect, TFFA laid down 3 strategies on standard, quality and environment with a vision aiming for ‘Thailand as World Leader in Frozen Foods Industry with Emphasis on Standard, Quality and Environment”. Freezing technology was developed along with contamination control and sanitary standard throughout the supply chain to ensure food safety through the application of Good Manufacturing Practice: GMP and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point: HACCP in manufacturing process. The work focused on proactive strategy to propel Thailand as kitchen of the World and to achieve the desired vision.

??????????? Nonetheless, the fifth decade, 2008 – 2017, was the period in which TFFA faced both domestic and foreign dilemmas such as Shrimp Early Mortality Syndrome: EMS leading to shortage of raw materials; strict child and forced labor regulations on importation of products and compliance with IUU regulations effective from 1 January 2010. TFFA, therefore, took up a role to be the focal point to resolve all the problems as well as support its members to comply with such international rules and regulations on Labour and IUU; develop primary processing plant (PPP) in accordance to EU’s sanitary directives; resolve effects from EMS in shrimps; collaborate with the public sector on issues of child and forced labour and human trafficking; set Good Labor Practice: GLP as per the standards of International Labor Organization: ILO; draw up master plan and campaign for sustainable fishery among its members and related parties; expand trade and fishery collaboration with neighboring countries; join force with the public sector in solving labour shortage crisis; and work together with the public and private sectors within the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand to promote aquaculture and support with the purchase of produce from collaborative farming practice under the civil state (Pracharath) network.

??????????? Moving into the 6th decade, 2018 onwards, TFFA is still determined to lead all members and the frozen foods industry into the future with continuous development and enhanced strength. Among them are to promote and support implementation of technology and innovation for the benefits of the industry; and to create new product forms, in addition to value added, particularly in composite foods category to increase production capacity of frozen foods in greater variety to add value to domestic agricultural products responsive to the 20-year National Development Strategy and Thailand 4.0. TFFA will continue and carry on its part as one among the national economic driving forces to ensure potency and strength from grass root up to national level and to achieve the vision of TFFA in becoming a leader in frozen foods industry and Thailand as the kitchen of the World.



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